Financing your studies

Initial education

NEOMA Business School supports social inclusion by encouraging diversity and equality opportunities relating to access to top-notch training in higher education.

We are fully aware that education financing is a central concern for our students. That is why we strive to develop high-level programmes while benefiting from solutions adapted to your personal circumstances. To achieve this, a team focused solely scholarships, financial aid and partnerships is at your disposal to advise you and support you in your higher education plans.

From state scholarships to excellence-based scholarships, there are various solutions to help you attain your professional goals in the best conditions possible!

The scholarships

CROUS state scholarship

This scholarship is granted by CROUS regional centre and allocated based on your parents’ tax assessment or non-liability for tax. To make a claim for it, you must submit your social-status student dossier (DSE) between January 15 and May 31 of the current year.

NEOMA Foundation scholarships

The NEOMA Business School Foundation supports equality opportunities relating to access to top-notch training in higher education. If you face financial difficulties, the foundation provides you with the chance to benefit from excellence-based scholarships that cover up to 50% of your tuition. These scholarships concern all of the school’s programmes, excluding Advanced Masters and Masters of Science programmes.

Zero-interest loans can also be granted.

This financial aid is allotted based on your dossier during two annual commissions according to three criteria:

  • Academic excellence
  • Family and financial situation
  • The student’s personal and educational commitment
Jacques Lambert Scholarship

The Jacques Lambert Foundation, hosted by the Foundation of France, assigns scholarships amounting to €2,500 to business school students enrolled in the 1st year of the Grande Ecole programme. This scholarship is meant exclusively for French nationals.

Each year, NEOMA BS selects 6 student dossiers and submits them to the Foundation according to the following criteria: student academic excellence, financial difficulties.

UFA Scholarship

French-German Cycle of the CESEM programme

Financed by reputable companies, these scholarships are not simple intended to pay for top-notch university programmes, they also allow the selected students to expand their education and develop their CVs by doing an internship or writing a final thesis focused on a business-related topic. Each year, the scholarship provides around €1,300 per student.

AMOPA Scholarship

The scholarship from the Association of Member of the Order of Academic Palms is intended for people age 18 to 25 who do a 2 to 6-month internship in France or abroad. The internship must take place during the summer.

FEDEEH Scholarship

The Purpose of FEDEEH scholarships is support the educational path leading to employment for disabled youth who cannot easily find financing solutions to pay for the needs of their circumstances. The following applicants are eligible:

-          Disabled youth enrolled people in a higher-education institution or those in the final year of secondary school who want to continue their studies

-          Disabled students who want to pursue a higher education programme (BTS, IUT, CPGE, Universities, Grande Ecole Schools, CFA…)

Emergency Aid

The National Fund for Emergency Aid (FNAU) provides quick, customised financial aid to students facing serious difficulties such a family breakdown or finding themselves living under proven independent status. The request needs to be made at CROUS centre at your regional education authority.

Municipal, departmental, regional, state scholarships

Your township, your department or your region may offer financial aid. Contact them to learn more.

European Erasmus scholarship:

This scholarship is granted for internship or foreign university exchange periods in a Eurozone country. It provides financing for a part of your trip and your stay, for a period between 3 to 12 months. The amount varies depending on your circumstances, between €5 and €7 euros per day. The total length of the Erasmus Scholarship and/or internship financing cannot exceed 360 days of the total length of the student’s programme.

European ERASMUS scholarship: Additional allocations for disabled people:

The E+ programme gives particular attention to the hosting, orientation, pedagogic and technical support and above all the additional costs related to the mobility of disabled people. A specific allocation can be granted to disabled people as soon as the person incurs additional mobility-related expenses. To receive this aid, a form must be filled out and sent to the agency. The request must be made a month before the mobility effort begins.

OFAJ scholarship:

Through this aid programme for international mobility, the OFAJ proposes that you do an internship in Germany for at least four weeks. You can apply for this scholarship if you are a university student who resides permanently in France. This scholarship cannot be granted to students enrolled in a Masters programme. This internship must be an important part of your curriculum. The internships taking place in a French institution in Germany cannot receive OFAJ support.

MAJOR Excellence scholarships:

The Major Excellence scholarships are intended to help the best foreign students enrolled in a French programme in a secondary school abroad so they can continue their studies in French higher education. This scholarship is granted for a maximum of 5 years up to a Master 2 or equivalent level.

EIFFEL Excellence scholarships (Masters level)

The EIFFEL Excellence Scholarship providing €1,181 per month can be granted to the best foreign students and is offered by the host institution in France. The limit to its length is based on the type of degree programme. Applicants are submitted exclusively by the French institutions.

EIFFEL Excellence scholarships (Doctorate level)

The Eiffel excellence scholarship programme is intended to support the international recruitment initiatives of French higher education institutions. The purpose of this scholarship is to educate future foreign decision-makers in public or private French higher education institutions in the three priority fields of study (sciences, economics-management, law and political science) and encourage applications from students coming from emerging countries, with preference given to Asia, Latin America, Easter Europe, the Middle East and the new member states of the European Union, but also at the Ph.D. level, industrialised countries.

Applications are submitted exclusively by French Institutions.

Campus France Scholarships

For all students who want to continue their studies at NEOMA BS, Campus France offers a complete directory of more than 600 scholarship programmes.

According to your level, field of study and nationality, different scholarships can be offered to you:

International Mobility – Regional Aid

The region grants financial aid to students doing an internship or a study abroad programme.

- For students on the Reims campus:
• Amount for studies: €500 for a minimum period of 16 weeks,
• Amount for short-term internship: €400 for a minimum period of 12 to 15 weeks,
• Amount for long-term internship: €800 for a minimum period of 16 weeks.
+ €200 if the student is a scholarship holder
+ €100 if the student does the internship in a country bordering the Grand Est region in France
Guide for Regional Aid:
For students on the Rouen campus:
• Internships, study periods, missions: €200 or €400 in aid for the beginning period to the destination, then €40/week for a length of 4 to 26 weeks at can only be done two times.
More information at:

Various scholarships

Certain employee representative committees and unions also offer scholarships. Learn more by contacting the organisations concerned.


Student bank loans

Banks provide prime rates around 1% to students of the Grande Ecole schools who have guarantors. Every year on our campuses, we organise meetings with a dozen partner banking establishments. They will assist you in navigating the financing for your studies.

Student loaned guaranteed by the state

The French government has a “student loan” guarantee fund in partnership with different banking establishments (Société Générale, Crédit Mutuel, C.I.C , Banque Populaire and some savings banks). They can grant a loan of up to €15,000 for all students less than 28 years of age, French or coming from European Union countries or the European Economic Area, without a means test, or parental or third-party guarantee. The interest rate is set by the banking establishment.

The possibility of partial or total deferred payment after receiving a degree is also up to the student borrower. Learn more by contact the banking establishments that are partners to this programme.

NEOMA Business School signed an agreement with the BRED Group for Grandes Ecoles loan programme, which grants loans without parental guarantee to students in our Grande Ecole programme.

Looking for Student loans online is a website offering a free service that searches for student loans and puts students in contact with the banks through the internet. This free service offers the best bank offers with the possibility of taking out a loan without a guarantor.

Apprenticeships and student jobs


Certain NEOMA Business School programmes offer the chance to take all or part of the programme in an apprenticeship. By becoming an apprentice, you are exempt from your tuition, which is paid by your employer. You will receive a salary calculated from a percentage of the minimum wage or the standard conventional minimum.

NEOMA BS supports you in your professional project with more than 1,500 apprenticeship offers that can be accessed on our intranet portal.

Student Jobs

The CROUS website regularly posts student job offers on

On your campus, the student union office, the Junior-Entreprise association (Reims Junior Conseil & Altéo Conseil), as well as the Atout Job service (Reims) & AMD Normandie (Rouen) associations post full-time and part-time job offers throughout the year.

The Regional Youth Information Centre (CRIJ) provides a search platform for different jobs:



Also consider registering at temporary employment agencies!

Lodging aid

CROUS housing: you can ask for university housing by making your request when you submit your social-status student dossier (DSE) .


Depending on your situation, you can benefit from APL or ALS housing subsidisation. This aid is sent directly to the lodging’s owner.


Student Rental Deposit (CLE) is a form of aid set up by the government and intended for students less than 28 years of age who cannot find a guarantor.


The Loca-Pass guarantee is a free reimbursable deposit for paying lease payments and rental charges, given to the lessor on the day the lessee enters the lodging. For the 3 years following the start of the lease, Action Logement pays the lessor up to 9 months of rent and fees in case the lessee fails to pay. The lessee then reimburses the advanced amounts without fees or interest.