An innovative curriculum combining management & technology

TEMA has emerged as a unique programme in the greater landscape of French “Grande Ecole” schools. What makes it unique? An innovative curriculum combining management and technology, paired with innovative pedagogy to train managers, giving them first-rate technology skills and knowledge as well as an entrepreneurial profile.

At the end of the programme, you will be able to create and pilot innovative projects in technological environments and guide organisations in their digital transformation.

Join TEMA and take advantage of the numerous opportunities connected to technological innovation and the rise of digital technology. Develop skills and put them to use in companies and sectors experiencing increasing expansion and importance.

Choose a profession with a promising future!

5 main reasons to choose TEMA: Creating the change that companies need

An innovative pedagogy for learning differently, one that is focused on practical skills application, project management, creativity and collaborative work.


Dual skills in technologies & management for quickly seizing new business opportunities, innovating and applying them.


A major gateway to the international stage, both academically and professionally: internships, academic exchanges, English courses in the 4th and 5th years…


A 5th year of various options (TEMA On Campus curriculum, TEMA international curriculum, academic exchange at the CentraleSupélec School, the UTT Shanghai campus or Deakin University Melbourne) for adapting your curriculum to your professional project.


A quick and lasting entrance into the professional world with high career prospects and a major entrepreneurial dimension.