Experience the international stage with TEMA!

TEMA gives your programme an international dimension by spending up to 33 months abroad and by taking half of your courses in English.

Academic semesters abroad

In your 3rd year you will do a mandatory academic semester abroad at one of our partner schools . You also have the chance to do an additional 5th academic semester at a partner school that offers specialisations running parallel to those offered in the TEMA programme.

A 100% international Master cycle

All of the courses in the Master cycle (M1 and M2) are taught in English. TEMA also includes international students. This international, multicultural diversity on the campus lets TEMA students add to the international experience they had in their 3rd year.

International internships

All of the TEMA internships can be done abroad. By doing so, you can spend 15 to 19 months at an international company, allowing you to gain genuine professional experience in an international, multicultural environment.