Admission requirements to join TEMA

The curriculum is open in the 1st year to students:

  • Holding any type of French Baccalaureate degree
  • Holding an equivalent international diploma or degree
  • Involved in a 1st degree cycle of higher education or holding a two-year degree and wanting to take another academic path

Submitting your application

If you hold a French Baccalaureate degree, you must take the exam Concours SESAME.

Otherwise, an online application must be filled in.

The selection is based your application, written synthesis exam, motivational interview and an English language test.

You will then receive an application to complete and submit on the exam day. It will be used as a reference at your motivational interview.

Application fee: €80 – Free for government scholarship recipients with presented proof.

Your admission exams:

  • Motivational interview in front of a jury (30 min. long): your education and motivation
  • Conversing in English (40 min. long): English comprehension and expression in relation to a text
  • Synthesizing (1 hour long): synthesis of 3 recent press articles

The annals of the previous exams will be sent to you for free upon request.