Our ECAL-CORA Department Manager programme is a work-study course delivered through a professionalization contract.

It lasts a total of 48 weeks made up of:

  • 24 weeks studying at the School;
  • 24 weeks’ work experience with Cora.

The “Work Experience” weeks are structured in different ways, so you learn about your future responsibilities and understand the working environment.

2-week introductory internship in October

You will learn how a hypermarket operates and the responsibilities of the different departments.

3 professional internships:

  • 6 weeks in food products (December - January);
  • 6 weeks in food and non-food products (March - April);
  • 10-week “Introduction to management” internship with managerial responsibility (June - August).

Induction seminar

This key part of the programme is held at the start of the course to build and encourage a strong sense of team spirit among your year group. It is a good way to underline the principles of sharing, respect, mutual help and solidarity.

Intensive IT seminar

A 3-day seminar held at the Cora IT centre in Metz, where you will learn in-depth knowledge of the specific software packages used by CORA.

Fork-lift truck training

You will be taught the theory and practice of driving a fork-lift truck.

Tour of a logistics hub

You will visit a logistics hub for fresh or non-food products. The manager will explain to you how the hub operates and is organised, as well as the management methods used.

Understanding supplier issues

You will attend three days of meetings with CORA suppliers, as well as visiting production plants. A seminar that puts you at the heart of the Cora-supplier relationship!


Find out more about Cora

CORA hypermarkets are part of the Louis Delhaize Group. There are 59 CORA hypermarkets in France, employing more than 19,000 people. The brand also operates in other countries, with 24 hypermarkets in Belgium, Luxembourg and Romania.

You will join the workforce of a CORA store for the in-company periods of the programme.

If you graduate at the end of the course, you may be offered a job at one of the 59 CORA hypermarkets in France.