PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: 17 weeks at Cora's hypermarkets

As part of the training ECAL-CORA, you will work for 17 weeks within the Cora hypermarkets.

These "Corporate" weeks are provided in several forms that help you discover your future missions as well as an understanding of your professional environment.

You will thus have the opportunity to observe four different job positions and to focus on the one which best matches your skills and interests, in agreement with the company:

  • Offer Manager
  • Supply Manager
  • Drive Manager
  • Traditional Fresh Products Manager

Find out more about Cora

CORA hypermarkets are part of the Louis Delhaize Group. There are 61 CORA hypermarkets in France, employing more than 19,000 people. The brand also operates in other countries, with 24 hypermarkets in Belgium, Luxembourg and Romania.

You will join the workforce of a CORA store for the in-company periods of the programme.

If you graduate at the end of the course, you may be offered a job at one of the 59 CORA hypermarkets in France.