The Global BBA offers important international exposure in two forms :

  • Academic exchange abroad in the 2nd year
  • 6-month international internship planned for the 4th year

Academic Exchange

The Global BBA uses the NEOMA BS network of international partners to provide you with a wide range of destinations for your academic exchange abroad, lasting a semester or a year in the second year of the programme.

Our partner universities are selected for their quality and their reputation. The goal of this exchange is to give you the opportunity to discover a foreign country, its language and culture, in an immersive manner.

International partners

International internships

Since professional experience in another country is the ideal complement to your studies, allowing you to put to use your skills in a practical way, all of the offered internships can be done abroad.

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Who are some of the partner universities available to study with in the 3rd year?

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Is the term spent at a foreign university also completely in English?