Gain extensive work experience with the CESEM degree

CESEM allows you to bring added value to your CV through two long-term internships (one semester each), which are done while studying, one in France and the other abroad:

  • An operational internship in France between the first and second years,
  • An international management internship between the third and fourth years.

You can also do additional internships in France and abroad in order to enhance your professional experience. These multiple experiences allow you to expand your skills and develop your ability to adapt while building and sharpening your professional aims.

Ella RINN, Fourth year CESEM student, French-German cycle

I was very much interested in the luxury and premium brand sector, and I had the opportunity in a partner country to discover the world of luxury events in a renowned agency in Berlin where I worked as a communications assistant. This first entrance into the professional world allowed me to build my career project for later on. When I arrived in Reims, I realised a dream that had been every important to me since the beginning of my studies: discovering the world of champagne, which I did while working as assistant manager of Trade Product Marketing in a well-known Champagne house. These internships were very inspiring for me, and it’s these immersive professional experiences that offer real opportunities in our education and are a important element of the programme.