International experience at the heart of CESEM’s DNA

To offer an exceptional experience abroad, the programme relies on its network of excellent international partners, allowing you to divide your time studying part in France and part in one of our partner schools of your choice, thus obtaining a dual degree!

At the end of your curriculum you will have earned a Bachelor in International Business Management from NEOMA Business School in addition to a second degree from the chosen partner schools, as well as be able to work in two to three different languages.

Which cycle will you choose ?

CESEM’s 15 international partners have a solid reputation for both their academic and professional profiles.

European track

European track

Germany - ESB Business School (Reutlingen)

ESB Business School is recognised in Germany as a leading school for its international business programmes. There, you will develop a taste for academic excellence and the reflexes of a socially responsible graduate, who is highly employable throughout the world. You will get prepared to fulfill challenging roles in companies and organisations in an international context.

Departure: 1st or 3rd year - Languages of instruction: German and English

Track accredited by the DFH

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Irland - DCU (Dublin)

A university with a large business focus, DCU is internationally recognised for the quality of its graduates and their ability to bring change to the businesses they work for. This partner offers a unique learning environment where students are encouraged to develop their creativity and their skills as innovators. An incubator hosts more than 30 businesses and 330 people.

Departure: 1st or 3rd year - Languages of instruction: English

Italy - Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Piacenza)

Founded in 1921, the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (UCSC) is accredited amongst the most prestigious European and global universities, thanks to the its scientific research, along with its publications and international collaborations. The Piacenza campus is located at approximately 70 km from Milan, in the heart of Italy’s breadbasket. You will enjoy a well-planned site equipped with state-of-the-art teaching tools and facilities, and benefit from a strong link with the world of work and the professions.

Departure: 3rd year - Languages of instruction: Italian and English.
Beginners in Italian accepted.

Span - ICADE (Madrid)

One of the best universities in Spain, Universidad Pontificia Comillas, puts value in the academic education of its students, but also in their ethical, aesthetical, and human awareness, their ability for self-reflection as well as their sense of responsibility, thus contributing to their personal development.

Departure: 1st or 3rd year - Languages of instruction: Spanish

The Netherlands - Avans Hogeschool (Breda)

“Connecting people, creating knowledge”, this is the motto of Avans University of Applied Sciences. The aim of this university is to ensure that students, professors and university personnel all come together to form a dynamic network at the institution, united by knowledge and skills development. In the classes, students learn how to find lasting solutions to future problems while developing a curious and analytical outlook, an entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, the ability to work with others, while respecting the underlying ethics of a company and society as a whole.

Departure: 3rd year - Languages of instruction: English

United Kingdom - Lancaster University (Lancaster)

A renowned university, ranked 5th in Business Studies by the Times, LUMS provides a passionate and demanding academic environment. With 150 nationalities on campus and courses set up with an international perspective, the decidedly “global” focus of LUMS gives its students all the keys needed to excel in a constantly changing and complex international economic environment.

Départ : 1ère et 3e année - Langue d'enseignement : anglais

Russia - IBS Moscow (Moscou)

IBS-Moscow was originally founded in 1988 within the Moscow State University of International Relations, nationally known for strong international expertise. Incepted it The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA) since 1994, it has become a leader in the Russian business education market. Its mission is to cultivate globally competitive and adaptive managers for public and business sectors of the Russian economy, in order to address the challenges of innovation and development of the society.

Departure: 3rd year - Languages of instruction: English.
Beginners in Russian accepted.

Americas track

Americas track

Canada - Goodman School of Business, Brock University (St. Catherines, Ontario)

La Goodman School of Business de Brock University est l’une des plus récentes et des plus dynamiques écoles de commerce du Canada. Elle vous propose un environnement éducatif qui encourage et facilite l’innovation et l’excellence, grâce à des programmes complets qui intègrent des approches appliquées et théoriques dans tous les aspects du management.
En savoir plus

Départ : 3ème année - Langue d'enseignement : anglais

United States - Elon University (Elon)

At Elon University, The Martha and Spencer Love School of Business is consistently ranked among the top 50 American business schools. Known as a leader in the creation and spreading of various educational experiences, its objective is to train graduates who are able to provide moral leadership in the global community. The school strives to develop intellectual curiosity, discipline, critical thinking and a common commitment to excellence in each of its students.

Departure: 3rd year - Languages of instruction: English

United States - Northeastern University (Boston)

At Northeastern University, D’Amore-McKim is one of the best schools in the U.S. and a pioneer in entrepreneurship. At the heart of its mission is the idea that in a very competitive market, one of the latest sources of competitive advantages is talent and the ability to harness it. By joining this programme, expect to be challenged!

Departure: 3rd year - Languages of instruction: English

United States - North Carolina State University (Raleigh)

The Poole College of Management at North Carolina State University employs a pedagogic approach combining teaching, research and student involvement in an effort to develop the student’s leadership in an environment of changing technology and intense internationalism of economies. The institution has also implemented a personal development programme to help students become leaders in their areas of excellence and turn them into independent thinkers and business leaders.

Departure: 3rd year - Languages of instruction: English

Brazil – Fundaçao Getulio Vargas (Sao Paulo)

Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV) is a higher education institution in Brazil founded in 1944. It is characterised by its daring and frontier spirit. It was the first school in Brazil to offer programmes in economics, psychology, accounting and education at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The FGV campus where CESEM students take their courses is located in the centre of São Paulo, near the major avenues of the country’s financial centre.

Departure: 3rd year - Languages of instruction: English (possibility of taking course in Portuguese and Spanish).
Beginners in Portugese accepted.

Mexico : UDLAP (Puebla)

The Universidad de las Americas Puebla (UDLAP) trains graduates who possess the skills necessary to face global competition. Therefore, it has the mission of participating in the development of society by training critical, creative and innovative professionals endowed with a high level of technical sophistication. A UDLAP degree comes with American SACS accreditation, an asset for working in the United States.

Departure: 3rd year - Languages of instruction: Spanish and English

Asian track

Asian track

China : UIBE (Pékin)

Located in the north east of Beijing, the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) is recognised for its excellence in economics and business. Through their intellectual capacity, language skills and practical experience, the school’s students easily join the job market.

Departure: 3rd year - Languages of instruction: Chinese and English.
Beginners in Chinese accepted.

Japon - Nagoya University of Commerce & Business (Nagoya)

Nagoya University of Commerce & Business is one of Japan’s premier institutions and the first to be AACSB and AMBA accredited. You will be train to become an innovative and ethical leaders who possess a ʻFrontier Spirit’, with the ability to bridge the gap between New Asia and the rest of the world.

Departure: 3rd year - Languages of instruction: English (and Japanese for the most advanced students).
Beginners in Japanese accepted.