Construct your internationally oriented project!

100% of CESEM students study in two countries: in France and in the country of one of our partners. Whichever cycle your choose, this progressive, coherent programme allows you to develop a solid base of managerial skills and gives you a professional profile with a strong international aspect.

First and second years:

The first and second years take place in France or at a partner school for the European cycles, involving courses focused on acquiring management fundamentals: Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Economics, Management, Quantitative Management Methods.

Language teaching is also an instrumental feature with the study of two modern languages, one being used in your chosen cycle.

For students starting their studies in France, CESEM incorporates 3 specific additional modules: personal development, business law, and a six-month internship in France.

Third and fourth years:

If you started your studies in France, you will travel abroad. In the opposite situation, you will study at CESEM.

The pedagogic objectives at the end of the programme are to further develop your knowledge and skills in the third year and your orientation in the fourth year. The courses are centred on Strategy, International Economics, Human Resources, Ethics, Information Systems Management, Logistics, Supply Chain Management and Purchasing.

You will also do a second six-month internship as well as a final thesis.

Languages: teaching and certification

Language certification is an essential step in your studies at CESEM, allowing you to establish your linguistic level for the job market.

All students enrolled in an Anglo-Saxon track take the TOEIC test.

Other tests are required depending on the cycle:

  • The HSK for the French-Chinese cycle
  • The DELE for the French-Spanish and French-Mexican cycles
  • The TOEFL or the IELTS for the French-Mexican, French-Dutch, French-American cycles

CESEM encourages you to pursue the learning of a third language (optional), which will give additional value to your profile as a future international manager.

That is why we offer courses in Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Chinese, Arabic, Russian and Japanese (contact us for the conditions).