Admission to the Bachelor CESEM

Candidate profiles

CESEM is orientated towards future Baccalaureate degree holders (French, foreign, and international) and students who have already entered a first cycle of higher education.

Submitting your application

CESEM is organised into 12 programmes. When you register for the exams, you choose the programme or programmes that your interested in and those that correspond to the languages that your learning (two maximum).

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The exams

Written tests

  • Language of selected programmes:
    2 maximum (English, German, Spanish, Portuguese or Chinese depending on the language of the selected programme)
  • Analysis – synthesis
  • General Logic
  • Logic, verbal and maths

Oral tests

You move on to the oral exams if you are declared admissible after the written tests

  • Language(s) of the selected programmes
  • Individual interview