BSc - Bachelor of Science in International Business

NEOMA Business School has launched its Global BBA, a four-year bachelor’s degree programme with a strong international aspect meant for training versatile managers. Offered at the Reims and Rouen campuses, this programme is an more developed version of the BSc in International Business, taking advantage of its strengths to create a new programme that offers new possibilities such as apprenticeship opportunities and an entrepreneurial curriculum.

Starting on November 10, 2017, you will be able to register for the Sésame entrance exam, which will allow you to start the Global BBA programme in September of 2018.

Students who are currently enrolled in the first, second and third years of the BSc will automatically enter the Global BBA programme at the start of 2018 school year. The students in the fourth year will finish their curriculum in the current programme.

Do you dream of a career that will take to the four corners of the globe?

With a firm international focus, this Bachelor programme is offered completely in English from the first year, and it will make you into an open-minded, agile and effective manager, able to work in multicultural situations.

Over four years, you will develop your linguistic skills in English and, if you wish, in two other languages, and you will accrue different multicultural experiences, particularly through an immersive academic year spent at a foreign university and a six-month international internship.

We will guide you in developing a solid culture of management and marketing as well as a knowledge of exports to make you into an adaptable manager sought after by different companies.

5 good reasons to choose the BSc in International Business

Courses taught completely in English, offered from the first year as well as optional LV2, LV3 language training and a mandatory, first-year IELTS exam.


Intensive professional immersion with up to 12 months internship throughout the curriculum, with a six-month mandatory in-company experience.


A one-year academic exchange in one of our eighty partner institutions


Fourth year elective programme based on your professional objective at the end of your studies


An environment centred on multicultural collaborative group work