BSc - Bachelor of Science in International Business


The BSc in International Business offers significant international exposure in two ways:

  • Academic exchange abroad in the 2nd year
  • The six-month, international internship is planned for the fourth year.

Academic exchange

The BSc in International Business has access to eighty international partnerships located on five continents to offer you a wide range of destinations during your year-long international academic exchange, which occurs in your second year of studies.

Our university partners are selected based on their quality and reputation. The aim of this exchange is to give the opportunity to discover a country, a language and a culture first hand.

International internships

A professional experience in a foreign country is an ideal component of your education and allows you to put your skills to use. Therefore, a selection of internships can be done abroad.

The end-of-studies internship must be done in a foreign country other than the one where you did your second-year academic exchange. / or in a different foreign country than the one where…