BSc - Bachelor of Science in International Business


International destinations, internship programmes, pre-specialisations, final-year focus and preparation… Throughout your entire curriculum in the BSc in International Business you can customise your academic path. A great strategy to align your international goals and your professional ambitions!

The first year will focus on acquiring the fundamentals of management and business governance and developing your language skills.

Programme highlights

  • English Track: a completely English curriculum, accessible from the first year.
  • Intercultural preparation: in anticipation for your second year spent abroad.
  • Three-month internship: an introductory professional experience in France or abroad.

The second year will be spent abroad where you will experience long-term linguistic and cultural immersion. Over the year you will attend one of our eighty partner institutions located on five continents. Once there you will take courses and exams in English while studying the local language.

In the third year, you will return to our campus where you will study in depth the subjects that you read for the previous two years.

Programme highlights

  • Experience Made By NEOMAInnovative export project: this common theme of the year will put you to work with a team focusing on a real international development issue. You will offer counsel and guidance to a company relating to its objectives and international strategy.
  • Entrepreneurial course: course organised to give you the basic skills that you will use in your future company creation project.

The fourth year contains one of the prominent unique features of the BSc in International Business where you are offered two distinct tracks depending on your objective:

  • The Business Track, which aims to facilitate your entry into the professional world after earning your degree. After a semester of International Affairs specialisation, you do a six-month, international, end-of-studies internship. V.I.E. placement is also possible.
  • The Masters Track, if you want to add an additional fifth year to your programme. You will begin the year with a six-month, international internship. Then you will take pre-specialisation courses related to your academic objectives.

Languages: Teaching certifications

Depending on your level you can take all of your courses in English or in French your first year, and then in English for the following three years. LV2 and LV3 language studies are also available options.

All students in the BSc in International Business programme take the IELTS exam in their first year.