Significant professional experiences are essential in determining a career project that matches your ambitions.

Up to 14 months of internships

To do this, our BBA includes 11 months of mandatory internships over the 3-year curriculum. These periods spent at a company create the link between the different years in the curriculum.

  • 1st year: introductory internship (2 to 4 months minimum)
  • 2nd year: independent internship (3 to 4 months)
  • 3rd year: 6-month responsibility internship in France or abroad


This track allows you in your third year to alternate between periods in your studies and working at a company, which provides a genuine work contract:

  • 1 week working in a company and a week at school in the first semester
  • 3 weeks working in a company and a week at school in the second semester

The company will pay you a salary and take care of your school fees during the length of the contract.