Bachelor In Business Administration


International experience is essential in your education in order to develop open-mindedness and the keys skills for excelling in multicultural professional environments.


Study tour (third year)

This study tour will raise your awareness of the culture of the country you’re visiting. In the programme are planned company visits and conferences, tourist trips and cultural discoveries.

The destination of this programme highlight changes each year. This year it is taking place in Beijing and Tianjin and involves company visits where you will learn about how these major economic players function. You will also participate in conferences on exporting and company creation in China, and you will learn about the contrast between modern China and traditional China through scheduled tours.

International internship (third year)

If you want to add to your curriculum a professional experience abroad, you can do it during your third-year internship.

To do this, the specialised counsellors at the Talent & Career Development Unit will assist you in your research and decision.

International semester (second year)

It’s an academic exchange during the second semester at a partner university. You will take your course in an immersive environment in the institution abroad.

The BBA currently offers the choice of thirty partner schools based in sixteen countries: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Cameroon, Denmark, Spain, Hungry, Ireland, Morocco, The Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Senegal, Slovenia, Tunisia.