>1 & 2 years: Let’s build your professional project together!

The first year centres on acquiring fundamental knowledge, personal development and field experience (basics of law, fundamental marketing, understanding business, geography and contemporary economy, Art and culture, English, a second foreign language, etc.).

First year highlights:

  • Experience Made By NEOMA“Learning how to learn” entrance seminar
  • “Individual trajectory” personal development workshops
  • “Sales fundamentals” seminar
  • First company internship of at least 2 months

The second year focuses on expanding fundamental knowledge, personal development, international and field experience (business law, information systems, Supply chain management, Entrepreneurship, Critical thinking, English, a second foreign language, financial statements, analyses and forecasts, Mathematical finance, consumer behaviour, Accounting).

Second year highlights :

  • Experience Made By NEOMAMethodology seminar
  • “Individual trajectory” workshops
  • “Developing intercultural skills” seminar
  • Second company internship of at least 3 months

Year 3: Developing business expertise and personalising the end of your programme!

In the third year you will be guided in developing business expertise, starting in the fifth semester with a choice of 3 “professional orientations”:

  • Business management for acquiring business expertise through a wide range of skills
  • General and operational management for developing multidisciplinary expertise allowing you to perform the operational functions of a company
  • Supply chain management to further develop your knowledge of logistics and transport

At the end of this “business” orientation, the sixth semester is divided into 3 personalised tracks, depending on your objectives:

  • Track 1: 6-month internship in France and a study tour abroad
  • Track 2: Company creation combined with a study tour abroad
  • Track 3:6-month international internship

Third year highlights

  • Experience Made By NEOMALeadership seminar
  • Project management seminar
  • Courses given in English in preparation for TOEIC and LV2
  • “Individual trajectory” workshops
  • Preparation workshop for Masters entrance exams

Apprenticeship track

This track allows you in your third year to alternate between periods in your courses and working at a company, which provides a genuine work contract:

  • A week working in a company and a week at school in the first semester
  • 3 weeks working in a company and a week at school in the second semester

The company will pay you a salary and take care of your school fees during the length of the contract.