A springboard for your professional entry or continuing studies

With 3 years of studies behind you and a well-defined professional project, you will have two choices: begin your professional life or continue your studies to earn a Masters. The personalisation of the training paths and the reputation of the BBA allow you to successfully follow one of these two options.

Start your career…

With your technical skills, you open-mindedness, your first-rate business expertise, as well as your international and professional experience are all assets that recruiters look for in particular.

95% of graduates find a job in less than six months


40% of whom find a job as soon as they leave school


and 70% in the first 3 months


18% of graduates are selected to start their careers abroad (United Kingdom and Russia)


And several create companies like Marchéprivé.com


Their principal functions


Business functions 45%
Management/Finance/Accounting 17%
Marketing 12%
Purchasing/Logistics 12%
Other company functions 14%

A few examples of positions

  • Junior advertising manager
  • Junior department manager or point of sale manager
  • Communication director
  • Junior project manager
  • Personal banking advisor
  • Scheduling task manager
  • Export assistant

Their principal sectors of activity

  • Communication agencies, advertising
  • Building and public works, construction
  • Business/supply
  • Agri-food industry
  • Financial Institution/banking/insurance
  • Tourism, entertainment, hospitality - restaurants
  • Luxury
  • Real estate
  • Transport
  • Audio-visual communication

...Or continue your studies

Supported by the Ministry of High Education and Research, the BBA allows you to continue your studies in a Masters programme once you’ve earned your degree, in management schools or universities in France or abroad.