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Undergraduates programmes (Bac+4/5-level qualification)

Build your own coherent career path and study in a multi-discipline programme in line with your career plan. Once you graduate, you can continue with postgraduate studies or enter the world of work.


A dual culture and a double diploma: immerse yourself in another country! And acquire the key skills to become the open-minded manager that companies are looking for to assist them in their international challenges. Four-year post high school diploma.

Reims French Full time
4 years Baccalaureate 4-year Bachelor Degree

Department Manager ECAL CORA

Study retail and work in a dynamic and motivating sector that has constant recruitment needs in upper management! Comes with a vocational training contract. Developed in partnership with the CORA supermarket group. Degree certified Level III, CNCP registered.

Reims French Sandwich course
32 weeks (15 at the School and 17 on internships) Baccalauréat (plus professional experience) or Bac+2-level qualification Department Manager, listed as a Level II qualification in the French National Register of Professional Certifications (RNCP)


With its a nationwide reputation, BRM – ECAL offers you a comprehensive view of management and in-depth retail knowledge through constant contact with the business world (5 internships, for a total of 52 weeks) Three-year post high school diploma

Rouen Français/Anglais Full time/ Sandwich course
3 years for students starting in the 1st year 2 years for students starting in the 2nd year 1 year for students starting in the 3rd year Baccalaureate (all specialisations) for admission to the 1st year Two-year higher education degree for admission to the 2nd year Two/three-year higher education degree plus a minimum of 6 months’ work experience for admission to the 3rd year Bachelor Listed as a Level II (Bac + 3/4) qualification in the French National Register of Professional Certifications (RNCP): Operational Retail Manager

Global BBA

The Global BBA will give you the keys to develop your business understanding and cutting-edge professional expertise while giving you an international outlook, providing you with the skills to become tomorrow’s manager and handle any business responsibility. Four-year post high school diploma

Rouen/Reims French/English Full time/ Sandwich course
4 years High school secondary diploma (equivalent to A levels, International Baccalaureate…) State approved Bachelor’s Degree.


TEMA has established itself as an innovative combination of Management and Technology, as well as cutting-edge teaching methods.

Reims, Paris Français Full time
5 years French Baccalaureate in any specialisation Students in their first two years of higher education or holders of a two-year degree who want to change their field of study Listed as a Level I (Bac+5) qualification in the French National Register of Professional Certifications (RNCP)