Boost your employment opportunities

The multi-function skills that NEOMA BS graduates have to offer, coupled with top-level specialist knowledge, result in an especially attractive employment profile upon graduation from the school, and throughout their careers.

4 weeks on average to find employment, around 87% before graduation
34% work abroad
Average salary 43,9k€
Quick salary evolution over 3 years: over 55k€

Professional experience during your studies is essential because it will:

  • Provide you with the opportunity to put your theoretical knowledge into practice
  • Help to develop your career plan
  • Give excellent added value to your CV


The Master in Management provides for at least 10 months of internships :

  • A 6-month internship during the second and third years,  will confirm and refine your career plan and may well help you find your first job

You can apply for the numerous offers that companies advertise directly through the School, or you can look for a business or contract that suits you best.

Our entrepreneurship track

Do you have an entrepreneurial project in mind? The entrepreneurship track is made for you. Offered in your second year, this selective track allows you to focus on your own entrepreneurial project.

Your specially adapted timetable enables you to follow courses in the morning and work on your entrepreneurial project in our incubator in the afternoon.

By choosing this track, you can:

  • Put your skills to everyday use
  • Take on responsibility
  • Participate actively in School life and promote inter-cohort links

This track is also offered to high-level athletes


The mission of the Talent & Career unit is to help and advise you with the various procedures, to prepare you for a successful, lasting transition into employment.