In today’s globalised economy, you need to acquire the skills to lead your career in a multicultural environment.
This is why the Master in Management guarantees you a strongly international outlook. This commitment is implemented on and off campus in various forms.

Study in a multicultural environment

When you join our School, you choose to study on our multicultural campuses as one of a student cohort comprising of dozens of nationalities. You will work every day in small groups with these international students, learn new methods and learn to overcome communication problems caused by different languages and culture. At the end of the programme, you will be perfectly capable of working in a multicultural environment.

Spend 6 months abroad

You can spend one semester in a top-tier academic institution as part of your Master programme. The Master in Management makes this possible tthrough a top-quality international network of nearly 300 possible destinations (depending on the semester), no matter what campus you are studying at.
The internships in the Master in Management programme can also be carried out in the country of your choice, as part of your international experience.

Choose an international double diploma

If you are looking to have an international career, the double-diploma track will bring an international element to your CV, as, instead of taking a specialisation, you undertake an exchange leading to a double-degree at one of our partner universities.

At the end of this period, you will receive our Master in Management Degree as well as a degree from the partner university.

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MBA at Centre Franco-Vietnamien de Formation à la Gestion, CFVG, Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh Ville

Benefit from a language learning adapted to your level

Language learning is one of our priorities and it will prepare you for your future professional life. You will take courses in two foreign languages and can study a third as an option.