Our Master in Management includes several tracks, both traditional and alternative, with one fundamental objective: to offer you a curriculum that fits your career plan perfectly.

Depending on your level of English, from the outset you can follow most of your courses in English.

Our traditional tracks

The Master years: transform your knowledge into skills

In the second and third years, you will:
  • Strengthen your ability by acquiring the fundamentals of genuine cross-functional management, so as to plan your career and give yourself a head start on your competitors in the employment market
  • Take Business Outlook courses, applying the fundamentals of management  to a specific sector or a “non-traditional” management function such as marketing… in a bank, or management control... in an opera house
  • Continue to build upon and structure your knowledge during an international semester at one of our 300 partner universities
  • Take the introductory courses to familiarise yourself with your final-year specialisation
  • Acquire a specialisation that fascinates you and will make you eminently employable

Our specialisations

In Master 2, a phase where you reinforce your expertise with one of our excellence tracks and you will also have the choice of 15 MSc allowing you to have a double diploma.

Finance & Accounting

  • MSc in Corporate Finance
  • MSc in Real Estate & Wealth Management (in partner with Luxembourg)
  • MSc Financial Markets
  • MSc in Risk and Financial Technologies (in partner with the Global Association for Risk Professionals for Financial Risk Manager® certificate) Garp
  • MSc in Investment Analysis (preparation to the CFA®, with the option of a triple diploma with the University of San Diego)
  • MSc in Accounting, Auditing & Advisory


  • MSc in International Marketing & Brand Management
  • MSc in Digital Expertise for Marketing
  • MSc in Marketing French Excellence (in partner with ESMOD)
  • MSc International Luxury Management with the option of a triple diploma with Politecnico di Milano


  • MSc in Supply Chain Management & Purchasing
  • MSc in Cultural and Creative Industries
  • MSc in Strategy and Digital Transformation
  • MSc in Entrepreneurship & Innovation (in partner with KPMG) kpmg
  • MSc in Global Management with the option of a triple diploma with Northeastern University
  • MSc in International Project Development with a triple diploma with Fu-Jen Catholic University Taiwan

Our specific tracks

Our Chartered Financial Analyst track (CFA®)

newThis excellence track is completed with an MSc in Investment Analysis.
This prestigious programme, offered on the Reims campus, allows you to:

  • Pass two levels of the CFA® (Chartered Financial Analyst), professional qualification in financial expertise for the CFA® Institute and prepare for level III
  • Train successfully for the professions of financial analyst and portfolio manager
Through this alliance,our School has joined the select circle of partners of the CFA® Institute, around one hundred organisations around the world, including the best business Schools.

Our entrepreneurship track

Do you have an entrepreneurial project in mind ? Do you want to propose and develop projects for a student club or society ? The  entrepreneurship track is made for you. Offered in your second year, this selective track allows you to manage one of the School’s societies as a real micro-business or focus on your own entrepreneurial project.

Your specially adapted timetable enables you to follow courses in the morning and work for a student society or on your entrepreneurial project in our incubator in the afternoon.

By choosing this track, you can:

  • Put your skills to everyday use
  • Take on responsibility
  • Participate actively in School life and promote inter-cohort links

This track is also offered to high-level athletes

Our Risk and Financial Technologies track


The objective of the programme is to prepare students for a challenging and rewarding career in financial risk management, the science of measuring risks, and the art of managing them. Learn how to effectively communicate risk to stakeholders. Immerse in real case studies (capstone seminar, financial simulation, MSc Project). Prepare for the Financial Risk Manager® professional certification (FRM) and benefit from the partnership with the Global Association for Risk Professional (GARP), Garp the largest professional association in Finance. Note : Because the programme is RNCP recognised (French National Framework of Qualifications), students who graduate from this programme are eligible to apply for an APS (temporary residence autorisation).

For more information, click here

Our dual-skill/double-diploma track

This part of the programme takes place outside the School at a partner institution and replaces the on-campus, end-of-curriculum specialisation. It offers you the opportunity to develop a specific skill, bringing exceptional added value to your CV. It is open to all our students.

Sports, engineering, project management, art… these programmes are set up around our partnerships with renowned establishments and our other programmes. We aim to : offer you the widest possible range of choices for your specialisation.

Master in “Sports Management” - University of Rouen
› Specialised Masters in Technology and Management - CentraleSupélec PARIS
  Design Manager track – Reims’ Ecole Supérieure des Arts et du Design (ESAD)
Specialised Masters – CESI network


› Argentina :

› China :

› Italy:

› Germany :

› Japan :

› Mexico :

› Russian Federation :

› United States :

› Vietnam :


Entrepreneurs without Borders partnered with a prestigious institution : the reknown and historical institution of UC Berkeley. Students will get the unique opportunity to spend 6 months in Silicon Valley in one of the most distinguished universities in the world. They will be able to launch their business projects through LeBridge Program.

Students of the incubators can join the incubator of an academic partner and :

  • Discover in a multicultural context the best local entrepreneur habits,
  • Build from the get-go international startups in the logic of “born gobal”,
  • Go further and test their startup project by identifying the local business partners and promising markets,
  • Contribute to the dialogue of local startuppers, in the willingness of an international entrepreneurship ecosystem.

This track is now on 3 continents : Latin America (Fondation Getúlio Vargas (FGV) in Brazil), Asia (Shanghai Jiaotong University with its Antai College of Economics & Management in China) and UC Berkeley in the United States.


Students who work in one of our 88 student societies can linger their experience by joining another student society in one of our academic partners thanks to:

  • A specific track mixing associative life and teachings in direct link with the student society topic (sports, entrepreneurship, social, …)
  • A set-up helping you to get ready for your professional life, while respecting the School bias for a true international immersion

A partnership has been signed with Dublin City University in Ireland (DCU), and discussions with other prestigious institutions, known for their dynamic and wealth of student societies, are ongoing.


1 continent + 1 continent = 3 unique experiences uniques! Academic experience, professionnal experience et local life experience.

As of 2019, the Master in Management will offer its excellence track « Global Experiences », giving you the possibility to go from the 1st year on to one continent and then to a second continent for a second exchange, in two top universities (like Saint Gallen University in Switzerland, the Singapore Management University or the University of Laval in Quebec). Some of these exchanges allow you to get a double diploma.

These long experiences abroad are completed with two internships in the host country. By experiencing two stays in two world areas in two prestigious academic exchanges, as well as two internships, the students get the very best out of this unique experience in teaching, in learning methods, in local professional specificities without talking about the local life experience as well !

The network of this new disposal has 30 academic partners, 100% accredited and in any continents. Other partnerships are under discussion.


Future in Asia : A track for living out your passion for Asia

The future is Asia!

Asia plays more and more a frontline role in financial regulation, artificial intelligence, new technologies, climate change and other technological risks for example.

However, to truly understand Asia, a short stay is far from enough. Nothing better than a long-stay at the heart of Asian cultures and businesses. This new track allows to train specialists who are passionate about this area and are sought out for recruitment.

The Master in Management is dedicated to enthusiasts of Asia with two academic experiences in two countries of your choice : China, India, South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thaïland, Vietnam or in Japan in one of our academic partners like Tsinghua in China, Xavier Business School in India or Sungkyunkwan University Business School in South Korea). Available from the second year on, this new track gives you two semesters with classes focused on Asia (Asian Economy, Tech in Asia, Cross-cultural Management…) with language classes of the country. Each academic exchange will be followed by an internship on site. The option of a double diploma is offered to you.

An offer spanning over 8 countries and drawing on historical partners of the school among the most recognized Asian schools.