Master in Management


Our Master in Management includes several tracks, both traditional and alternative, with one fundamental objective: to offer you a curriculum that fits your career plan perfectly.

Depending on your level of English, from the outset you can follow most of your courses in English.

Our traditional tracks

The Master years: transform your knowledge into skills

In the second and third years, you will:
  • Strengthen your ability by acquiring the fundamentals of genuine cross-functional management, so as to plan your career and give yourself a head start on your competitors in the employment market
  • Take Business Outlook courses, applying the fundamentals of management  to a specific sector or a “non-traditional” management function such as marketing… in a bank, or management control... in an opera house
  • Continue to build upon and structure your knowledge during an international semester at one of our 300 partner universities
  • Take the introductory courses to familiarise yourself with your final-year specialisation
  • Acquire a specialisation that fascinates you and will make you eminently employable

Our specialisations

These will prepare you to work in various current and future professions.

  • Champagne & Wine Management
This specialisation trains you in the professions of: Brand manager - Product manager; Import-Export area manager; Marketing manager; Purchasing and logistics supervisor, specialising in the industry of wine, champagne and spirits; Consultant in wine and spirits business –Wine tourism, etc.
In English. Reims Campus.

  • Law and Management
This specialisation combines legal expertise with risk, contract and conflict management.
It trains you in the professions of: Director of legal affairs; company lawyer; Compliance officer; Legal risk manager; Contract manager; litigation management director; Lobbyist; Consultant, etc.
In French. Rouen Campus.

  • Entrepreneurship
This specialisation trains you in the professions of SME creators, managers and buyers; profit centre managers; consultants in entrepreneurship, strategy, and mergers and acquisitions; Chargés d’affaires in venture capital companies; Advisors in public and private support organisations for companies; Bank analysts; Business developer, etc.
In English. Reims and Rouen Campuses.

  • Human Resources and Consulting
This specialisation trains you in the professions of HR management, internal and external consulting projects: HR/social/CRS Audits; Audit/consulting in Organisation, strategy, HR policy, management, HRIS; consulting in change management; Consulting in recruitment, redeployment; Manager of HR, Training, Skills and Talents; Recruitment, career management director; social management audit manager; Community manager; Employer Brand Manager; CSR manager, etc.
In English. Reims Campus.

  • Performance Management and Consulting
This specialisation trains you in the professions of: administrative controller; internal auditor; external auditor; financial and administrative manager or director; advisor in organisation, management, risk management, financial performance, IT; project management (IT, organisation, development, etc.); public accountant/auditor, etc.
In French. Reims and Rouen Campuses.

  • Supply Chain Management and Purchasing
This specialisation focuses in particular on purchasing development; Strategy, Processes, Organisation, and information systems and trains you for the following professions: Leader of Supply Chain projects; Purchasing manager; Supply Chain/Purchasing/Operations Consultant; Demand Manager; Supply Chain Manager; Procurement Responsible; Logistics Director; Planning Manager; Flow Manager, etc.
In English. Rouen Campus.

  • Corporate Finance
This specialisation trains you in the professions of corporate finance (CIB, Mergers & Acquisitions, Private Equity), Financial Analysts and Administrative and Financial Directors: CFO; Financial analysts in financial institutions; Credit analysts in banks and rating agencies; Internal financial analysts in enterprises; Analysts mergers and acquisitions; Financial Auditors in audit firms; Consultants and managers in Transaction Services in audit firms; Business Officers and directors of investment in private equity; Bankers advising on mergers and acquisitions transactions; Corporate banker in "coverage" or structured finance, etc.
In English. Reims and Rouen Campuses.

  • Financial Markets : Assets, Risk Management
This specialisation trains you in the banking professions and those connected to financial markets: Sales on the trading floor in a CIB/CRM; Investment Specialist in an Asset Management; Fund managers; Broker; Risk manager in a financial institution; General inspector and internal auditor in a bank; External auditors for specialized funds; Financial analyst/Credit analyst in a financial institution; Financial experts in regulation bodies, etc.
In English. Rouen Campus.

  • Real Estate & Wealth Management
This specialisation trains you in the professions of: Financial Analyst in M&A; Sales; Brokers; Financial analyst; Junior Asset manager (financial/real estate assets); Real Estate Buyer Specialist; Debt Portfolio Manager; Land Acquisition and Development Manager; Retail Development & Construction Manager; Acquisitions & Development Analyst; Commercial Real Estate Investment Sales; Financing/Leasing manager, etc.
In English. Reims Campus.

  • Marketing

This specialisation is structured in core courses for functional and sectorial areas.

  • Marketing, functional areas:

    • Brand Management
      Trains you in the professions of: Brand manager, product manager, services quality manager, market analyst, marketing manager, services network manager, etc.
      In English. Reims and Rouen Campuses.

    • Leading market growth
      Trains you in the professions of: Commercial director, sales manager, market manager, key account manager, customer relations manager, negotiations manager, online sales manager, sales forecast manager, sales analyst, etc.
      In English. Rouen Campus.

    • Media, Event & Communication
      Trains you in the professions of: communication/e-communication manager, media research manager, strategic planner, e-marketing project manager, project manager, advertising manager, community manager, event manager, etc.
      In English. Reims and Rouen Campuses.

    • Consulting & Marketing Intelligence
      Trains you in the professions of: Consumer insight manager, consultant junior, marketing research director/manager, research project manager, client/market knowledge manager, customer intelligence manager, innovation manager, etc.
      In English. Rouen Campus.

    • Multichannel Retail & Distribution
      Trains you in the professions of: Category manager, sector manager, distribution network development and promotion manager, cross-channel development manager, trade marketer, e-commerce site marketing manager, store manager, junior buyer, Private Label Product Manager, etc.
      In English. Rouen Campus.

  • Marketing, sectorial areas:

    • Tourism marketing
      In English. Rouen Campus.

    • Fast Moving Consumer Goods
      In English. Reims and Rouen Campuses.

    • Wine Marketing
      In English. Reims Campus.

    • Services Marketing
      In English. Reims and Rouen Campuses.

    • High-Tech Marketing
      In English. Reims Campus.

    • Luxury Marketing
      In English. Reims and Rouen Campuses.

    • B2B Marketing
      In English. Rouen Campus.

Our specific tracks

Our Accounting/Consulting track/DSCG

Taught in French, the Accounting and consulting track will allow you to:

  • Access professions in Auditing, Chartered Accounting, Management Control, etc.
  • Complete the equivalent of 5 out of 7 units for the Advanced Management and Accounting Diploma (DSCG)
  • Prepare for the two remaining units that you can complete once ha’ve graduated
  • Carry out internships or an apprenticeship designed specifically in partnership with an auditing firm

Our Chartered Financial Analyst track (CFA)

This prestigious programme, offered on the Reims campus, allows you to:

  • Pass two levels of the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst), professional qualification in financial expertise for the CFA Institute and prepare for level III
  • Train successfully for the professions of financial analyst and portfolio manager
Through this alliance,our School has joined the select circle of partners of the CFA Institute, around one hundred organisations around the world, including the best business Schools.

Our entrepreneurship track

Do you have an entrepreneurial project in mind ? Do you want to propose and develop projects for a student club or society ? The  entrepreneurship track is made for you. Offered in your second year, this selective track allows you to manage one of the School’s societies as a real micro-business or focus on your own entrepreneurial project.

Your specially adapted timetable enables you to follow courses in the morning and work for a student society or on your entrepreneurial project in our incubator in the afternoon.

By choosing this track, you can:

  • Put your skills to everyday use
  • Take on responsibility
  • Participate actively in School life and promote inter-cohort links

This track is also offered to high-level athletes

Our dual-skill/double-diploma track

This part of the programme takes place outside the School at a partner institution and replaces the on-campus, end-of-curriculum specialisation. It offers you the opportunity to develop a specific skill, bringing exceptional added value to your CV. It is open to all our students.

Sports, engineering, project management, art… these programmes are set up around our partnerships with renowned establishments and our other programmes. We aim to : offer you the widest possible range of choices for your specialisation.

  • Masters and Specialised Masters at partner organisations:
Master in “Sports Management” - University of Rouen
› Specialised Masters in Technology and Management - CENTRALE PARIS
  Design Manager track – Reims’ Ecole Supérieure des Arts et du Design (ESAD)

  • Our international double diplomas:
› Canada: University of Ottawa, Telfer School of Management
› Italy: Università di Bologna
› Japan: Nagoya, Rikkyo
› Vietnam: CFVG
› Germany: Saarlandes, Europa Universität Viadrina
› Argentine: Universidad del Belgrano
› Mexico: UDLAP