Preparatory year: Admission requirements

The preparatory year for Advanced Masters® and Masters of Science is open to French and international students. Beyond the minimum eligibility criteria, the programme is aimed at applicants who are motived in acquiring a specialisation and a high level of key expertise and who want to advance and develop their professional prospects.

Admissions level:

  • 3-year Bachelor degree from a business school (180 ECTS validated)
  • 3-year Bachelor degree (Applied Foreign Languages, Psychology, Economics, Management, International Trade, Logistics, Law, etc.)

An English proficiency test score (TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, etc.) is requested when applying online.

Application process:

The selection is based on an application filled out online.


The interviews are regularly scheduled between February and July 2019.

The motivation interview is a discussion that aims to assess your motivation and how well your professional project matches the AM® or MSc that you’ve applied for.

Application fee : 100 €