15 months in sandwich format to become a specialist in data science applied to finance.

The Master of Science Finance & Big Data consists of 8 modules that combine know-how and interpersonal skills. The skills taught in this programme enable learners to become experts in specialised financial engineering applied to big data processing where the graduates will master theoretical and operational aspects of data science applied to finance.

In addition to this imparted knowledge, many different professional skills are put into practice so that the students can be immediately effective at their companies.



  • Exploration of Big Data through simulations and practical cases, which companies come and present during the programme.
  • Application of Big Data, digital methods and A.I. in the following fields of finance:
    • Portfolio allocation
    • Financial market forecast models
    • Detecting market sentiment
    • Algorithmic trading
    • High-frequency trading
  • Visits to trading floors as well as Big Data processing centres directly linked to financial services.