More than half the cases of customer dissatisfaction can be traced back to a break down in the Supply Chain, the functions of which play a highly strategic role within the company.

The supply chain allows for a global vision of the overall movement of resources (physical, financial and information) within the extended enterprise. The real objective is to anticipate, plan for and meet customer needs whilst reducing costs and providing the opportunity for improvement in performance in an ever-changing environment.

As such, it is by adopting a policy of innovation, and in particular digital innovation, that the supply chain is able to evolve. The digitalisation of activities is in part a response for the need to open up entities and implement transversal digital tools in a multi-channel approach.

At the end of the course students will be able to:

  • Master fundamental logistics functions

  • Analyse, model and simulate the value chain

  • Steer innovation to consolidate the supply chain

5 good reasons to enrol on this programme

A multi-disciplinary programme that provides training for a career in supply chain consultancy or management positions in digital transformation projects in complex international environments.


An experience-based teaching approach allowing you to benefit from an authentic professional environment for the duration of the programme: company visits, meetings with professionals, seminars…


Preparation for international the Supply Chain certifications: CDDL, Lean Six Sigma, Méthode AGILE


Une collaboration académique avec ASPER School of Business ( Canada)


The expertise of the MOBIS research institute that supports the programme. The Institute is founded on an innovative, sustainable and socio-economical approach to transport and logistics by assisting global players in the logistics chain on a regional as well as an international scale.


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