Become a real expert in Marketing and Analytics

The Advanced Master in Marketing and Data Analytics is intended for students and executives who wish to acquire additional training or to specialise in the fields of marketing and analytics. The AM MDA is a part-time, 12-months courses, which improves employability through an internship alternating with 3-day seminars every 3 weeks (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday).

The course comprises 5 modules, during which Students learn to master Big Data analysis, improve marketing decisions and optimise ROI.

Throughout the curriculum numerous projects and simulations are undertaken to use the academic content in real-life settings.
A study trip to Imperial College, London, gives students complete and intensive immersion in big data.

Residential Seminar Big Data Immersion” – in partnership with Imperial College London.

The participants in the MS Marketing & Data Analytics have the opportunity to attend an intensive 3-day seminar in London at the KPMG Centre for Advanced Analytics at Imperial College. This seminar offers the chance to meet partner companies and eminent professors knowledgeable in the issues of big data in marketing and strategy.


CRM Analytic Simulation

A scenario-based immersion exercise in the use of a CRM database, together with a partner company. Apprehension, contextualisation, and analysis of multi-channel customer data to optimise CRM campaigns and increase customer value.

Strategic Capstone

A comprehensive, cross-functional data analytics marketing mission and an opportunity to use statistical and predictive approaches to marketing decisions in a specific industry.

The professional thesis

The professional thesis consists of research conducted by the student under the direction of an expert supervisor. This is an in-depth exercise to reflect on and solve a problem, by combining a review of the academic literature and a qualitative and/or quantitative field study. Students, put their results into perspective and provide operational recommendations. The SM thesis is an opportunity to deepen students' knowledge in a specific field and to prove their expertise by using it in a professional context.

The industry placement

The placement, which can be in any business sector, takes place in a marketing, business or IT department and deals with customer relationship issues, digital transformation and data mining. It can also be carried out in cross-functional positions in marketing, business, CRM, consumer/business intelligence or digital project management services. (as a vocational, fixed-term, or permanent contract, or an internship, for a minimum of 4 months).


  • Marketing Analyst
  • Master data manager / analyst
  • Business analyst
  • Analytical CRM Manager
  • Consumer & Market Knowledge Analyst
  • Head of digital product
  • Chief data officer
  • Market (ing) researcher
  • Digital analyst/web analytics
  • Customer and multichannel manager
  • Director of customer experience
  • Marketing data expert/consultant
  • Big Data Consultant / Project Manager
  • Analytics Marketing Consultant
  • Digital data officer/digital marketing manager
  • Data mining manager
  • Data planner
  • Customer insight manager / Market intelligence
  • IS/MIS Consultant
  • Customer journey Director
  • Brand Reputation Manager
  • Community and Social Intelligence Manager