The work-linked training format allows you to remain working at your company in order to enhance your professional integration and on-going development.

Types of contracts

MS Part-Time

Professionalisation contract 100%


100% of students from the class of 2017 have a professionalisation contract

They are currently working at Voyages SNCF (Assistant Business Analyst), Disneyland (Assistant Web Analyst), Pernod Ricard (Data analyst performance), FIND’Eur (Chargé de projet web marketing), Société Générale (Management de l’innovation et Gestion des communautés), Full Six (Consultant Analytics),...

Target professions

  • Marketing analyst
  • Master data manager/analyst
  • Business analyst
  • Analytical CRM Manager
  • Consumer & Market Knowledge Analyst
  • Digital Product Manager
  • Chief data officer
  • Market(ing) researcher
  • Digital analyst/web analytics
  • Customer and multichannel manager
  • Customer Experience Manager
  • Marketing data expert/consultant
  • Big Data Project Manager/Consultant
  • Marketing Analytics Consultant
  • Digital data officer/marketing digital manager
  • Data mining manager
  • Data planner
  • Client knowledge/market survey manager
  • SI/SIM Consultant
  • Customer journey manager
  • Brand reputation manager
  • Community et social intelligence manager

Amélie PREAUD, 2017 Graduate - In a professionalisation contract at DISNEYLAND - Web Analyst

" After earning a Masters in marketing, I wanted to specialise in data analysis and Big Data context understanding, skills that are vital and highly sought after on the job market. The Specialised Masters® in Marketing and Data Analytics provides me with these key skills while enhancing my marketing expertise. I am currently working at Disneyland Paris as a junior web analyst as part of the work-link format. I retrieve, analyse and organise data in order to provide studies on website performance, client behaviour and marketing recommendations. "