Presentation of the programme

In an ever-evolving world, where companies have to reinvent themselves to remain sustainable, a new set of skills is key for the finance function. 

It is imperative for today’s financial managers to be able to analyse accounts and project funding, optimise long term operations whilst considering intangibles, within the framework of company management policy and financial strategy.
The programme focuses first and foremost on the analysis of company-created value and the financial strategies (investment policies, funding and cash-flow management) implemented in relation to company projects and objectives
Learn how to develop and set up a disruptive financial management strategy based on a 360-degree financial value-chain analysis.

At the end of the course students will be able to:

  • Analyse the company’s accounts
  • Proceed with a financial study of third party companies
  • Carry out impact assessment and feasibility studies
  • Identify takeover opportunities
  • Incorporate company intangibles into a financial strategy
  • Take an active role in company sale procedures in an equity operations context

5 good reasons to enrol on this programme

A course with a cross-sectional and all-encompassing vision of career opportunities in the financial sector.


An optimal combination of professors from the academic and professional world.


Close collaboration with renowned companies and professionals.


Work-linked training that promotes employability and responds to company needs.


Access to an active and committed network of 55,000 worldwide graduates.


Feel like going further?

This course is part of NEOMAscope, the new NEOMA Business School executive programme. NEOMAscope has been completely redesigned to prepare you for tomorrow’s careers. You can personalise your own training programme by choosing from the range of existing course blocks, and then gradually move on towards a Global Executive MBA… and why not?