As an already fully-fledged and qualified financial analyst, the course will allow you to evolve and take on newer responsibilities by exploring alternative financial and corporate challenges. The course has been designed to incorporate a variety of soft skills with a view to enhancing the students’ leadership, analytical and ethical qualities.

Block 1 - Fundamentals Block 2 - Specialisation BLOCK 3 - Innovations

• The company and its environment
• Financial accounting and statements
• Financial statements in accordance with IFRS
• Consolidation techniques
• Financial assessment and management
• Ethics and compliance
• Financial strategies

• Different types of funding
• Bank financing
• Equity financing
• Debt financing
• Assessment techniques
• Financial management
• Cash-flow management
• Risk management

• The company and the digital environment
• Alternative financing
• FinTech and information systems
• Innovation and human capital
• Soft Skills for finance staffers
• Off-campus seminars and conferences

Strengths / A ‘made by NEOMA BS’ experience

Experience Made By NEOMA

Flipped classroom teaching methods for the course Fundamentals

Students will have access to course material ahead of classes on campus thanks to a variety of methods: documents, academic lectures, e-learning, podcasts…meaning that students can then put theory into practice through the variety of proposed classroom activities. The aim of such an approach is to favour student interaction and teamwork.

A teaching approach based on Learning by doing to enhance skills and develop expertise

In an authentic professional context, broad academic principles are all the more comprehensible and concrete. This learning through experience approach combines methods, knowledge and experience through a variety of simulation exercises: serious games, case studies and role-plays with the aim of developing the capacity to learn and evolve in a climate of uncertainty.

Off-campus seminar

Students will have the possibility to attend classes with our partners off-campus. As such, they will be able to meet professionals and work on problems set by one or more companies. The students should be able to offer solutions and innovative financial strategies in response to some of these challenges. This allows participants to discuss and interact with the class facilitators and discover their world of business.

Corporate meetings

Conferences focusing on such themes as financial communication, individual ownership and FinTech companies are organised in close collaboration with companies and professionals. This allows students to meet the speakers who have been invited to share their experience.