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CFA, Director of Treasury, Management Controller, Head of export/import finance, Head of mergers and acquisitions, Head of financial reporting, Project leader

Grandes entreprises tous secteurs, ETI, PME, Cabinets audit & conseil

Marc Basselier - AXA – Director of Finance - Paris

“Benefiting from the experience of a team of university academics and active professionals, this training course combines the latest evolutionary theories of company finance with the very best of today’s practices. The implication required is intense but is a reflection of the high levels demanded today. The MS is a demonstration of the school’s commitment to combine an academic vision with a business approach, which allows participants to consolidate a year’s work with a diploma that is recognised by all sectors of company finance. By focusing on meetings and exchange and the sharing of experiences, participants become the actors of their own training. Essential in obtaining a transversal vision of positions within a company, it is this human alchemy of constant renewal which has allowed the MS to develop a unique programme that would be impossible to reproduce elsewhere.”