Become a Key Account Manager

The course is organised in 5 modules to make students expert  Key Accounts managers. Students develop of an “account plan” for the course's partner companies (HP France, La Poste, Microsoft France,etc.) as long term project throughout the course.

Leadership: a crucial focus throughout the course. During a unique seminar with the Saint-Cyr Military School, students work on leadership and team building in situations of extreme pressure. This seminar is delivered by the Director of Saint-Cyr Executive Education and a team of Army officers.

The professional thesis is a hands-on project addressing a business issue, during which students develop practical proposals applying the concepts and tools acquired during the programme. Students are personnally supervised by an academic tutor.

The company mission can take place in any sector in a sales or marketing department. It deals with development issues concerning  Key Account Management. It can also be carried out in a cross-functional role in a marketing, purchasing or R&D department (in the form of a professionalization contract, short-term or permanent employment contract or internship, for a minimum duration of 4 months.)