The programme offers theoretical courses where academic research and advanced marketing principles are juxtaposed with real-life case studies.

Layout of the programme:

Phase 1 : Core courses:

  • Corporate Strategy & Marketing (overview of marketing and management)
  • Cross-cultural marketing (bases of international marketing)
  • Food culture & sociology – the history of taste and the importance of it in culture
  • Statistics for business – understanding how to conduct and interpret research
  • Business Law – related to food and wine
  • Food economics, agribusiness & sustainability – the world of tomorrow….
  • Food and drink consumer behavior (incl. sensory marketing)
  • Geopolitics of food and wine
  • Food & drink retailing & logistics – from farm (to factory) to table
  • HR & Team management + services marketing
  • Business dev. & account management (including export focus)
  • Communication & brand management (incl. digital)
  • Territorial & collective marketing + food/oeno tourism
  • Entrepreneurship – building a taste business from scratch

Phase 2 : Professional experience mandatory: internship, mission, employment, incubator.

Phase 3 : Final dissertation

At NEOMA BS, we use an immersion and experiential approach:
« Learning by doing » workshops to help students gain food and wine culture and better understand the implications and applications of theoretical concepts.

  • A schedule of visits to wineries, restaurants, and other food and wine providers (e.g., barrel-maker, glass blower, farms) will be provided.
  • Conferences with and by wine, food and service professionals.
  • 8-month long case study concerning a business in Champagne.