« Mastering the specificities of luxury marketing
in an international environment »

Luxury companies need vanguard aspirational marketing content and the ability to deliver unique customer luxury experiences. Luxury companies have to launch new challenges and master Customer Centric Culture (CCC) to flourish their brand strategies, innovation, digital exclusivity, luxury experience, omni-channel retailing, generational challenges, value creation and sustainable competitive advantage.

The MSc Luxury Marketing aims to develop experts and multicultural executives in luxury marketing.


At the end of the programme, students will have the necessary skills to understand the specificities of luxury marketing and develop strategies for launching products and services in the luxury industry. Students should be able to master several skills, such as the brand management process, product and collection design tools and processes, value creation and sustainable competitive advantage for luxury branded products.
For further details on learning outcomes, please consult the Curriculum page.


Build strong knowledge in luxury marketing specificities in multi-cultural environments


Develop critical and analytical skills in various areas of luxury marketing.


Understand the ethical issues that arise in luxury marketing contexts and develop skillful ethical decision-making practices.


Benefit from the Parisian professional exposure and immerse into an innovative and active pedagogy through teamwork and creativity


Benefit from the school’s expertise in the field of luxury combined with the participation of professional partners.


À La Une
MSc Luxury Marketing: Training change agents in the luxury sector!

As part of the programme development initiative, a Master of Science Luxury Marketing will be on offer for the next school year. Interview of Julia PUESCHEL, professor in NEOMA Marketing Department and Head of this programme.