Get a deep insight in luxury marketing with innovative perspectives and creative skills

Layout of the programme:

This 450-hour programme delivers some core courses and it includes a mandatory professional experience:

Phase 1: Core courses

  • Brand as narratives assets in luxury markets
  • Consumer Intelligence
  • Luxury economics and perspectives
  • Managing digital disruption
  • Strategic marketing process in luxury companies
  • Luxury Brand Challenge
  • Leadership Seminar
  • Ethics in luxury marketing
  • Luxury experience in retail
  • Luxury experience trough communication
  • Product and collection design
  • Managing Luxury Wines and Spirits
  • Luxury Across the Cultures
  • Shape your Career
  • Final Simulation
  • Dissertation (academic research work)

Students will learn and implement knowledge and skills that will enable them to:

  • Develop brand equity and construct a strong brand portfolio.
  • Develop hedonic and experiential omni-channel strategies providing luxury experiences all-over customer journeys.
  • Master the different communication disciplines and tools in order to develop efficient IMC strategies for luxury brands and companies.
  • Master the fundamentals of digital communication processes in luxury industries.
  • Work efficiently with digital/social media experts in order to create value and relevant digital content through the digitalisation of communication processes for luxury brands.
  • Use digitalisation in luxury hospitality to personalise luxury service and build online exclusivity and loyalty.
  • Master how to take the in-store luxury experience online, and the online experience in-store.
  • Know how to manage a luxury brand with an origin and manage brand heritage.
  • Understand the specificities of hospitality marketing and know how to develop successful marketing strategies in this domain

Phase 2: Professional experience

  • Internship
  • Mission
  • Employment
  • Business creation thanks to NEOMA BS incubator.

Phase 3 : Final dissertation (and oral defence)

Immersion and experiential approach

The MSc Luxury Marketing offers an innovative pedagogy combining high-level and deepened academic lectures covered by academic experts/professors in luxury marketing. Sessions are covered by professional experts and partners from the French luxury industry. Moreover, students are engaged in “active learning” sessions which translate into concrete case studies, company visits, meeting with guest speakers as well as students’ project teamwork.