« Mastering brand and product management in digitally disrupted international marketplaces! »

NEOMA - MSc International Marketing & Brand Management

The MSc International Marketing and Brand Management aims at preparing students for the diversity of marketing careers, in current international marketplace characterised by a radical digital change. It centers on the efforts to create, communicate and deliver value with brands, products and services attractive for consumers, and on the ways to manage beneficial customer relationships for the organisation, in order to develop the business.


At the end of the program, students will be able to :

  • Master the fundamentals of brand and product management, with a good knowledge of key branding concepts, analytical thinking skills about brands.
  • Know how to develop efficient Integrated Marketing Communication strategy and integrate digital communication, to best communicate the brands’ value to customers.
  • Know how to develop business multi-channel performance, by building on sales force management and trade marketing actions on the one hand, and developing successful management of retail operations and category management on the other hand.
  • Understand the specificities of services marketing and know how to develop successful marketing strategies in this domain.
  • Apprehend the ethical issues that arise in marketing contexts and develop skilful ethical decision making habits, in relation to all marketing decisions involved in the marketing mix.


Develop skills to master brand management in an international context


Learn latest marketing expertise, based on practitioners’ and scholars’ engagement


Master the digital communication skills essential to develop in a branding career


Gain operational knowledge in key aspects of the mix: product innovation, marketing communication, sales and retail, service approach


Learn and practice with real-life brand case-studies