Tais Helena Milioni Pagan
2016 Graduate MSc in Supply Chain Management

I waited many years to have the chance to study abroad. Having a hard-earned reputation and familiarity with worldwide industries in import/export, negotiation and trade compliance areas, an academic restart will bring my career the professional level of excellence that I have been looking for.

I came to know the school through

Raagul Arjunan
Diplômé MSc in Supply Chain Management

I came to know about NEOMA by my friends and by my senior who studied at NEOMA. I was actively searching for my higher studies and found NEOMA having many international courses with strong alumni network. Neoma Business school is one of the few among triple accredited college around the world offering many international courses. I am basically from India, state of Tamil Nadu with a Mechanical Engineering background and one of experience in supply chain field. I chose MSc Supply chain management because...