The MSc in Marketing French Excellence programme starts with the fundamentals of Marketing and culminates with the internship and a final dissertation. It is organised in semesters:

SEMESTER 1 – October to December, Fundamentals of Marketing

    • Millenial Marketing

Discover how the digital revolution has changed the field of marketing, and how the most cutting edge tools are impacting marketers globally, as well as how those tools are used, both by and in an attempt to target, the current generation. Topics include, but are not limited to: web marketing, social media marketing, big data, apps, netnography, and more.

    • Operational Marketing

Marketing tools, theories, and knowledge required for the successful planning and execution of effective marketing activities.

    • International Strategic Marketing

Definition of frame for a comprehensive marketing analysis, including the global environment, culture and customer and competitor analysis. Choice of market and integration of different variables within an overall international strategic approach.

    • Quantitative Tools for Marketing

Use of quantitative information as an essential element in marketing decisions. Understanding and interpreting key marketing statements within the business.

    • Consumer Behaviour

Motivation and the buying process from a French sociocultural perspective.

SEMESTER 2 – January to May, French Marketing

    • Brand Management

Understanding how brand marketing works and examining the actions and responsibilities of the marketing team, to maximize the potential of the major brands they control.

    • Market Intelligence

Mastering and implementing sophisticated research techniques related to data collection and analysis to address complex marketing problems with the most appropriate methodology

    • Luxury Marketing

Learning the tools and techniques that maintain France’s position as a global leader in the luxury goods sector

    • Distributive Marketing

Since the invention of the original hypermarket concept, France has consistently excelled in the development of innovative retailing and merchandising solutions.

    • High-Tech Marketing

Study the dominance of the French aerospace, nuclear and rail transport industries.

    • Cultural Marketing

What makes France different and special? This module focuses on the concept of National Brand Identity and examines how French marketers integrate culture as a positioning tool to gain competitive advantage and differentiate themselves.

    • Service Marketing

Focus on France’s status as the world’s most visited country and the success of leading French service companies in the tourism, hotel and hospitality industries.

SEMESTER 3 – June to December, Marketing in practice

    • Internship (4-6 months)

Provides an essential opportunity to apply the theoretical and practical skills learnt during the first two semesters to a professional environment. You are free to carry out your internship in France, or abroad, subject to approval by the internship director, based on its relevance to the MSc programme and course content.

    • Research Dissertation

You will be assigned a research tutor and choose a research topic that you will study throughout the semester and present to a panel of professors.