MSc in International Management

The Master of Science International Management (MIM) is a programme offered by six leading international business schools, all partners of the International Partnership of Business Schools (IPBS).

The programme is taught in English. The Programme requires study in two Schools/countries starting with the Partner A School and graduation with the MIM degree from the Partner B School. Classes start in the fall and finish at the end of spring the followingyear. The length of the programme is 1o – 15 months. This length depends on the student’s choice of Partner B School and its Thesis requirement along with its basic work experience prerequisite for graduation.

Students complete Study Block I (lectures) in France, Italy, Mexico, Ireland or the USA and Study Block II (lectures) in Germany, Ireland or the USA. They then complete their master’s thesis in Study Block III.

The Study Block II and III schools are the degree-awarding institutions. Students opting for the USA as their degree-awarding institution are not required to write a thesis but can elect to do so.

Admission is open to candidates who are recent graduates (up to three years following graduation) with a bachelor degree in business or graduates from other fields with a business minor. Applicants with a business minor must have taken a minimum of 4 business courses, 2 of which from a quantitative area (e.g. accounting, finance, statistics, economics, logistics). Applicants need a minimum of 6 months’ work experience (can be internships during their studies) and no more than three years’ work experience post graduation.