Justin Guillaume – diplômé 2017

"After two years studying Applied Foreign Languages and a professional degree in International Trade, I needed to add value to my profile with a postgraduate degree. I wanted a Master's degree that was finance-oriented but also open to other fields, such as Marketing, Supply Chain or even Business Statistics. The strength of this programme is that 80% of the students are international. I worked daily and diligently with students from Nigeria, Germany, China and Saudi Arabia, who became my friends. This experience was enriching both in and outside the classroom, mixing people from different cultures and backgrounds. At the end of classes, my career path took off at a great speed. First I got an internship in Investment Bank in Luxembourg, on the Compliance desk. Soon I was going through new interview rounds, looking for the next step in my professional life. A couple of months before graduation, one of the BIG 4 Accounting Firms offered me a CDI contract as junior consultant. Looking back on the past couple of years, the decision to apply for the 2-year MSc in Global Management has completely transformed my life."

James Morgan – diplômé 2017

“The comprehensive scope of the Global Management programme at NEOMA Business School and the opportunity to work with students from across the global has been instrumental to my understanding of international businesses operations. By working with students from different cultural backgrounds, I now appreciate how acknowledging cultural differences can help future managers embrace the global opportunities and overcome unprecedented business challenges. This experience has prepared me to join a transnational business and collaborate with multinational teams to embrace global market opportunities and make a meaningful impact throughout my career.”