The MSc Financial Markets and Technologies provides key insights in risk management and it gives students an in-depth know-how of the main concepts of theories and practices in finance related to equity, bonds, currencies, derivatives and other alternative investments.
With the current transformations in finance, the programme also provides a first knowledge on technological tools which are revolutionizing the financial industry, including Artificial Intelligence (providing automatic trading), Robo-Advisers (providing advice in investment process and decision) and Big-Data (providing information to make investment decision more efficient).

The MSc Financial Markets and Technologies programme will guide students in their preparation of the internationally recognised Financial Risk Manager® professional certification, backed by the world’s largest association in finance : Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP).

Students will learn leading edge topics to upgrade their understanding of finance and technology and better communicate with investors and stakeholders who seek to leverage their assets and control risks.

  • Data Science for finance : the applications of statistical learning, machine learning and artificial intelligence to finance and risk management. NEOMA Business School’s approach links theory, implementation using R, and application to financial data.
  • Behavioural finance : the application of psychology and sociology to enhance decision-making.
  • Fintech : how financial technologies are changing the financial landscape, and reshaping career paths.


The MSc Financial Markets and Technologies is divided into two semesters:

  • Semester 1 starting from September till December :

    Students focus on fundamental disciplines (quantitative methods and foundations of risk) delivered in five courses ; they cover the FRM Level I curriculum with a greater depth on the treatment of derivatives products and markets.

    Students also focus on human and psychological factors driving risk taking, thanks to a course on Behavioural Risk Management.

  • Semester 2 starting from January till May :

    Students move to advanced concepts, with four courses covering the FRM Level II curriculum and focus on the use of new technologies, such as data analytics, which are powering the growth of the FinTech Sector.