The MSc Finance, Investment and Wealth Management provides rigorous training in finance, helping you to develop your analytical and financial management skills. The programme puts a strong emphasis on the real estate and all its features as well as the preparation of the CFA® level II examination.

Layout of the programme :

From September till December:
Time for pedagogy and theory – « a holistic tour of finance »
Students are introduced to a 360° finance approach and learn about the holistic characteristics and aspects of finance.


The Finance and Investment Analysis track:

This track prepares students to succeed CFA Level 1 and Level 2 examinations, the most coveted certification in financial analysis worldwide in the school that displays top competitive scores. This track also offers an introduction for the Level 3, which brings students closer towards earning the CFA Chart – Chartered Financial Analyst.

You have earned the CFA Level I and you want to obtain Level II
(2020 start of the year)
You have not earned any CFA level and you want to obtain Level I and II
(start of semester January 2019)

The Real Estate and Wealth Management track:

It highlights transition and estate planning while focusing on the real estate in the asset allocation process. It equips students with all the features to understand perfectly this challenging and performing investment.

Time for hands-on experience - « company immersion »

From June to December, students will be immersed in real life situations, combining a professional experience as an intern or an employee either in a company or financial institution.

From June to December :
• Internship: 4 to 6 months, in France or abroad
• Final dissertation and oral defence
The programme culminates with a 4 to 6 month internship (either in France or abroad) and the professional thesis (oral defence)


  • Behavioral Finance
  • Fin Tech & Digitalisation
  • Financial Modeling for a Business Plan
  • Financial Programming & Data Analysis I
  • Financial Programming & Data Analysis II
  • Sustainable Finance
  • Individual Trajectory
  • Leadership Seminar
  • Final Simulation
  • Research Proposal
  • Final Dissertation MSF

+ Track CFA

  • CFA in Practice : Building Investment Policy Statements (introduction CFA level III)
  • Corporate Finance and Equity Investments
  • Derivatives & Alternative Investments
  • Economics & Financial Reporting Analysis
  • Ethics & Quantitative Methods
  • Fixed Income II
  • Mock Training Level 2
  • Portfolio Management
  • Real Estate Industry
  • Real Estate Valuation
  • Wealth Management and Estate Planning
  • Real Estate Law and Taxation
  • Ethics and Sustainability in the Real Estate Industry
  • Alternative Investments
  • Corporate Finance and Wealth Creation
  • Risk Management and Derivatives