Learn up-to-date digital marketing techniques

The MSc in Digital Expertise for Marketing aims to train students in up-to-date digital marketing techniques, as well as give them the ability to adapt to rapidly changing job environment in the omnichannel digital business world.

This is achieved by developing strategic vision, market research skills, as well as exposure to the leading product digitalisation methods.


At the end of the program, students will be able to:

  • Implement digital transformation in companies based on the global strategic vision, and knowledge of digital disruption techniques.
  • Design digital marketing communications, and effectively deliver these communications to the target audience using a mix of digital media.
  • Analyse quantitative and qualitative company-level and industry-level data, and draw managerial insights based on this data analysis.
  • Implement multichannel distribution strategies driven by the the e-commerce and m-commerce sales.
  • Understand the basics of designing successful digital products (websites and apps).


The specialisation aims to develop a very applied set of skills, which will make the graduates highly competitive in the job market


Industry certifications and qualifications are taught as a part of the specialisation (e.g., Google Analytics, Google Ad, Facebook Ads, Hubspot Marketing Content, etc.)


The students receive training in essential software packages (e.g. E-CRM software, data analysis software, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.)


Majority of the courses contain a hands-on practical project that will allow students to test their skills


Majority of the courses develop soft skills that are in high demand among the employers (e.g., team skills, leadership skills, communication skills, analytical thinking, creative problem solving)