MSc Cultural & Creative Industries Curriculum

The program delivers lectures that have both academic and professional backgrounds. It not only focuses on the management of the arts, but it also looks at the economic, social and cultural issues raised by the current transformation of the creative/cultural industries. This is achieved by developing strategic vision, market research skills, as well as exposure to the leading product digitalisation methods.

Layout of the programme:

This 450- hour programme partakes some core courses and it includes a mandatory professional experience:

Core courses
  • Cultural marketing and digitalization
  • Strategies in the arts (arts, market and society)
  • The art market in the world ;
  • Music: strategies and opportunities in the digital revolution
  • Majors, Independents, Globalisation: the movie industry
  • The performing arts: project management and organizational agility
  • Value and reputation: how to create value in arts
  • Contemporary issues: the publishing industry
  • Cultural policies and public cultural institutions
  • Intellectual property and contracts in the creative industries
  • Coprorate Social Responsibility (CSR): innovation for social change in the arts.
Professional experience
  • Internship
  • Mission
  • Employment
  • Business creation thanks to NEOMA BS incubator.
Final dissertation (and oral defence)


  • Cultural Marketing and Digitization
  • Intellectual Property and Contracts in the Creative Industries
  • Majors and Independents: the Movie Industry
  • Artistic Movements and Aesthetics
  • The Art Market in the World
  • The Music Industry: Strategies and Opportunities in the Digital Revolution
  • Individual Trajectory
  • Leadership Seminar
  • Contemporay Issues of the Publishing Industries
  • CSR and Innovation for Social Change
  • Cultural Policies and Cultural Institutions Management
  • Strategies in the arts: Organizations, Strategies and Aesthetics
  • The Performing Arts: Project Management and Organization Agility
  • Value and Reputation: How to Create Value in the Arts
  • Final Simulation
  • Research Proposal
  • Final Dissertation