A few of the possible jobs to which you can aspire:

  • Cinema and TV production
  • Sales manager in the cultural industries
  • Marketing and communication manager in the cultural industries
  • Fundraising and sponsorship
  • Executive and administrative positions in artistic institutions (museums, foundations, theatres…)

Examples of internships or jobs

  • Product Manager Interface (TV Canal+)
  • Sales assistant Co-production
  • Marketing assistant international sales (Wild Bunch)
  • Product manager (Centre Beaubourg)
  • Category Manager (Glénat Publishing)
  • Product Manager (Stock Publishing
  • Press & Communications Officer (in a museum)
  • Assistant of production 3B Production
  • Project manager (Firstage Productions)
  • Head of Marketing (Aranametrix)
  • Operations officer (Soundcharts)
  • Assistant operations E-Commerce (Ubisoft)
  • Chargé€ de mission (Fondation Culture & Diversité)