Build a career in Accounting & Finance

The MSc Accounting, Auditing & Advisory aims at preparing students to various careers in accounting and finance with a focus on how to build quality financial practices into the organisation through decision support, planning, and control over the organisation’s value-creating operations.

Beyond advanced skills in accounting and financial management such as financial planning, analysis, control, and decision support, the purpose of this specialisation is to prepare future management accountants / controllers for the key challenges of the organisations of tomorrow:

  • Strategic thinking with or beyond the numbers;
  • Deployment and control of the value creation processes that meets the expectations of a multiplicity of stakeholders (including an ever greater societal awareness);
  • Support of the disruptive evolution of organisations in the use of new technologies (data & analytics, AI, etc.).

To be as close as possible to the needs of the market, on some topics, the programme is designed in co-construction with recognized professionals such as audit firms or consulting companies.

  • Finally, NEOMA BS has been approved for endorsement under IMA’s Higher Education Endorsement Programme (Institute of Management Accountants), thus recognising the school’s expertise in Accounting and driving further international awareness and visibility to the school and the programme.


In terms of knowledge and skills, students will acquire at the end of the program:

  • Strong skills in management accounting based on strong knowledge bases in financial accounting and finance;
  • A strong understanding of strategic thinking and how to support strategic management;
  • A strong understanding of the challenges of tomorrow's organisations (how to accompany major and sometimes disruptive changes).


Build solid knowledge in Management Accounting associated to Financial Accounting and Corporate Finance through theory, practical cases and a consistent approach to managing the value creation process;


Prepare for the CMA exam, the ultimate certification that will enhance your value on the market;

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Learn to develop strategic thinking and how to support strategic management;


Get ready to anticipate expectations of a changing and challenging environment;


Find out what are the next demanding key challenges addressed in the profession, such as digital transformation and ethics.


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New MSc Accounting, Auditing & Advisory

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