Advanced Master Manager de l'innovation dans les agro-activités et les bio-industries (Masternova)

Masternova prepares you to work in the rapidly changing food industry, which is becoming an increasingly central part of the economy. Biotechnology is gaining in importance. The growing world population, the demand for quality, and ecological concerns are major 21st century issues which are included in this programme.

The dual skills in life sciences offered by this AM prepare the future managers of the innovative food industry. Combining scientific and managerial skills is a key success factor for companies and for managers, leading to a rich and exciting professional adventure.

Potential positions range from product and project managers to consulting and innovation development.

Graduates hold positions of responsibility at the interface between management and technology in the sector of life sciences in the broadest sense of the term. They are able to understand, analyse and combine both business-management and technical-scientific aspects in multidisciplinary teams

On average 50% of graduates find work before the end of the course. After 3-4 months, almost 80% of graduates on average have a job in line with their career plan.

Choosing the AM Manager de l'innovation dans les agro-activités et les bio-industries means opting for innovation, multiple skills, and a diverse range of career paths. It also means working directly on how we live, within a sector with strong growth and employment prospect.


Dual skills in life sciences and managerial disciplines to become an innovative project manager

  • Outstanding employability: most students find work within 3 months of the end of the course.
  • A Double Degree from AgroParisTech and NEOMA Business School, guarantees dual skills in science and management.
  • Involvement in the growth of the bioeconomy in association with the bioeconomy chairs of NEOMA BS and AgroParisTech.
  • The acquisition of business development and entrepreneurship skills applied to the bioeconomy and agro-industry sectors.
  • Predominantly interactive learning tools:
    • Participants are assigned summaries and case studies,
    • They benefit from tools such as the Marketplace® simulation (managing a business in an intensely competitive environment) and Proj'innov® to develop a Business Plan in English.
  • Accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles, this course guarantees close links with the business world through the quality of its course contents, working with professional, help with constructing a career plan and the strength of its graduate network.