Mai 20

Global Executive MBA at NEOMA Business School adapted to be more flexible than ever

Continuing education has become a real performance issue for both the organization and the employee's professional career. Faced with this observation, and to respond to the constant changes in the world of work, NEOMA is developing its Global Executive MBA. The new curriculum, offered from the start of the new school year in October 2020, is gaining in flexibility with 3 new academic years offered during the year, displays an international opening combining areas with high potential and promising themes, and is enriched by a strong territorial dimension capitalizing on the synergies of the School with its historic establishments.
Avril 20

AACSB rewards NEOMA Business School's "Entrepreneurs Across Borders" initiative

The prize awarded by the prestigious American organisation that places innovation at the heart of its accreditation process acknowledges NEOMA's place amongst the world's top 25 institutions in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship. The School, the only award-winning French institution, has distinguished itself with its "Entrepreneurs Across Borders" scheme
Mars 20

NEOMA Business School opens its office covering the whole of Latin America in Colombia

After establishing an office in India in 2018, NEOMA is opening a new office to represent it in Colombia, to facilitate the recruitment of students from Latin America. With the benefit of its historic partnerships with the universities of Latin America, NEOMA is hoping to double the number of Latin American students over the next four years by focussing its recruitment strategy on the principal markets of that continent.
Mars 20

NEOMA Business School launches the first international network of incubators

In line with its long-held stance of basing its activities on a network of prestigious universities across the world, NEOMA is launching the first international network of incubators. This network comprises 10 institutions recognised for their expertise in entrepreneurship, and is part of the School’s new scheme ‘Entrepreneurs across Borders’. From September 2020, students selected for this exceptional course will become part of the partner’s incubator, with six months of their course being devoted to the creation of a business.
Janvier 20

NEOMA Business School launches innovative Msc program in Wine & Gastronomy

NEOMA Business School in France will launch a course that is both innovative and exciting; the Msc Wine & Gastronomy. This 15-month specialisation programme, taught entirely in English, will focus on marketing, with an approach adapted to the characteristics of the gastronomic food, wine and spirits markets, from the start of the 2020 academic year.