International students in initial education

Excellence scholarships for the best international students

NEOMA Business School supports and encourages the best international students to enter its programmes via an ambitious programme of excellence scholarships.

This scholarship and financial aid programme helps the best international profiles enter one of the programmes offered by the school. Determined based on the academic excellence and professional and personal achievements, the excellence scholarships aim to attract the best foreign students.

Excellence International Scholarships - Programmes MIM – admission international L3 MIM – admission international in M1 GBBA MSc
Early Bird
31 January for September start
NA NA € 500 € 1,000
Excellence scholarships at recruitment
Positioning under one week – for 1st year only
€ 2,500 € 2,500 Up to € 2,500 Up to € 4,000

Keep in mind!

The number of scholarships is limited and act as reductions in tuition. Once accepted, the international applicants are invited to submit a scholarship request application by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In a globalised market, it is essential to open up even more of our programmes to international students and encourage them to study at one of the best French business schools through a programme of ambitious excellence scholarships

Delphine MANCEAU, Dean of NEOMA Business School

French students in initial education

CROUS government scholarship

It is issued by CROUS (regional centre for student social services) and allotted based on a student’s or the student’s parents’ tax statements. To claim it, you must submit your student social dossier between 14 January and 31 May of the current year. After 31 May, no more CROUS scholarships can be issued. 

Social aid from NEOMA Business School for CROUS scholarship recipients

From the start of the 2019 academic year, the state scholarship recipients can benefit from partial tuition exemptions, which can cover up to 50% of tuition.
Financed by the NEOMA Foundation, these scholarships concern the bachelor programmes and the Master in Management (excluding years that offer apprenticeships)

Allowance percentage on tuition applied to the 2019/2020 academic year01234567
MIM 1st year
BRM – ECAL 1st year
CESEM 1st through 4th years
GBBA 1st through 2nd years
TEMA 1st through 5th years
5% 5% 5% 10% 20% 30% 45% 55%

Scholarship applications must be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. after receiving notification from CROUS.

Financial aid for international mobility

  • Erasmus European Scholarship
  • UFA Scholarship
  • Regional financing
To learn more about financial aid
Download the financial Aid Guide here.


Student bank loans

Banks offer preferential rates around 1% to students in “Grande Ecole” programmes who have a guarantor. Every year on our campuses we organise meetings with a dozen partner banking institutions. They will give you their full attention and guide you in financing your studies.

Student loan guaranteed by the French government

The French government has student loan guarantee funds in partnership with banking institutions (Société Générale, lCrédit Mutuel, C.I.C , Banque Populaire and some Caisses d’épargne banks). They can grant a loan of up to €15,000 euros for all students no older than 28 years old who are French or come from a European Union country or one within the European Economic Area, regardless of financial resources and without a parental or third-party guarantee. The banking institution sets the interest rate.

It is also student-borrower’s choice to organise a partial or total deferred reimbursement after earning a degree. Learn more by speaking with this programme’s partner banks.

NEOMA Business School signed an agreement with the BRED schools that grant loans without parental guarantee to our students from the Masters in Management programme.


Certain programmes at NEOMA Business School offer to students the option of completing their curriculum wholly or partially in an apprenticeship. By becoming an apprentice, you are exempt from paying your school tuition, which is assumed by your employer, and you receive a salary calculated on a percentage of the French minimum wage in effect or the employer’s conventional minimum.

NEOMS BS assists you in your professional project and proposes more than 1,500 apprenticeships, which can be viewed on our intranet portal.

A student’s talent is not evaluated by his or her financial means. I fully support the social mission of NEOMA Business School so that all worthy students can attend our school.

Delphine MANCEAU, Dean of NEOMA Business School

No accepted student should have to give up on a NEOMA Business School education for financial reasons

For several years now, NEOMA Business School has been actively committed to social responsiveness and promoting all forms of diversity. Today, the school goes even further by continuing to open the doors of its programmes to the best students, regardless of their personal circumstances. Believing that no student should have to give up on NEOMA Business School for financial reasons, the school has developed several financial aid solutions with support from the NEOMA Foundation.

Keep in mind!

With a rate of 24% of students receiving aid (CROUS scholarships and apprenticeships), NEOMA Business School is the number one school in the Top 12 in France.