Recognised on the international scientific stage, Research is at the heart of the School's activity

NEOMA Business School paves the way for new avenues of research and creates new knowledge which :

  • feeds into the classes delivered to students
  • responds to issues encountered by companies
  • fuels scientific debates and contributes to the enrichment of management sciences at an international level
  • reinforces the strategic positioning and serve the international reputation of the School

The perpetual changes currently affecting organisations constitutes many development opportunities as well as new questions. The undisputed market leaders of yesterday will not necessarily exist today. In this environment characterised by continuous innovation, we must constantly resolve to invent and experiment...

It is in this context that we are committed to conducting a rigorous and relevant research policy :

  • Rigorous because in conducting leading-edge research, our objective is of course, to meet the highest international academic standards.
  • Relevant because it deals with specific business issues. We want to support our partners to better understand the complexity of current issues and then know how to turn them into opportunities for transformation and development.

Research is part of the School's core mission, equal to the teaching. It feeds into the learning experience and actively contributes to the quality of teaching. It also advances management practices for organisations. Therefore it contributes to competitiveness. One can not help companies face the challenges of tomorrow with the knowledge of yesterday.