In a rapidly changing world, especially disrupted by the rapid growth of the digital economy and changes in consumption patterns, our Research must have a significant impact on :

  • Society in general
  • Economic growth
  • Organisational strategies and management practices of organisations

When speaking of impact, we measure the value and the degree to which the research is applied. So, be it management, economic competitiveness, social responsibility or innovation, the research work of our researchers

  • feeds into the students' learning experience
  • fuels public debate
  • solves organisational problems
  • contributes to the development of our regions

Our Research serving business : the BOEING case

The NEOMA Business School Centre for Leadership & Effective Organisations has signed a uniue research partnership with BOEING Capital Corporation. The objective is to help 40 Executive Directors to better understand the challenges of managing complex organisations, in an uncertain environment. Their top management completd a questionnaire on agility. Chris WORLEY, Strategy Director of the Centre and lecturer-researcher at NEOMA Business School, then analysed the company's strengths and weaknesses, and recommended areas for improvement. The results of this experiment have also been added to the NEOMA Business School database on agility and organisational development.

Our Research serving the local area and society : the ROBOSANTE project

Two research projects (ROBOSANTE1 and ROBOSANTE2) financed by the Champagne-Ardenne Regional Council are assessing of robotic technologies : their potential for 'ageing well' strategies, and how best to go about developing them. This is one of the region's research priorities. Gaël BONNIN and Alain GOUDEY, professors of Marketing at NEOMA Business School, are studying how senior citizens and healthcare professionals interact with new technology and design to improve their well being. Beyond the Champagne-Ardenne region, the results of this research project will no doubt benefit healthcare bodies and public authorities.