Centres of expertise, chairs, institutes

With its 360° centres of expertise in direct contact with the current issues transforming businesses, the School is developing synergies between its various different activities: programmes, research, Executive Education and businesses. The themes retained are FinTech, complexity and decision-taking, entrepreneurship, and the future of work.


As gateways between academic research and the issues of society, the Chairs are an essential research mechanism of mutual benefit to the School and to business. They shed light directly onto the issues of the partner business.

Chair in Industrial Bioeconomy : aimed at one of the most promising areas of bioeconomy, that of the industrial applications of life sciences in the area of plant-based resources

Chair of Entrepreneurship – KPMG : enables teaching staff to access data in the business, and to engage in shared work and discussions with KPMG, in order to explore common issues, such as economic growth, data science or digital issues.

Chair Next Leaders with Ferrero : teaching staff work on real business case studies, which can be multidisciplinary (marketing, law, accountancy), marketing or strategic, favouring a global and decompartmentalized approach.

Chaire of Wealth Management and Real Estate - PWC Luxembourg : this partnership is with one of the major players and a leader in the sector for research projects in the area of corporate real estate.


Developed with the support of institutional partners and public research bodies, the NEOMA Institutes are invested in specific areas of research, in response to territorial, national and international issues.

Smart Product and Consumption (SPoC) : develops knowledge of the consumption of intelligent products and how they are integrated into marketing strategies.

MOBIS : brings together multidisciplinary public research bodies in the area of logistics, similar to collaborative international research projects.